Simple And Easy Decluttering: Diaper Box Decluttering Challenge

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Do you ever wonder if your house will be completely clutter free? These are my thoughts a couple times a week. All of my time and energy is poured into my kids.

The clutter stresses me out so I have made it a goal to declutter my home. But actually making time to do so does not always happen.

Our main job is to keep these precious little humans alive and if you ask me that is a 24/7 job in itself. As a mom who is easily overwhelmed I had to come up with a simple plan to help motivate me to declutter my home.

One day I was pulling diapers out the box and could not help but to think how many boxes we go through. With two kids who are both in diapers, we go through plenty. You know how that goes.

Then I am left with the diaper boxes to just throw out. I figured there had to be some way I could get use out of these boxes since they are something I constantly see.

Then I thought what if I used the diaper boxes to declutter my home? This is where I thought to do the diaper box decluttering challenge.

This is for the mom who is tired of looking at the clutter in her home but also too tired to declutter. Which is me. I am this tired mom.

Decluttering overwhelms me so if I can use a diaper box to declutter every time I have an empty box I would be a lot more motivated to get it done. Instead of having to figure out a time to go through and declutter our homes we just set aside an empty diaper box to fill up.

Take the diaper box and go around your home and fill it with things that need to go. Whether it is clothing out of your kids closet, your own clothes, toys or maybe even kitchen items that are no longer needed.

Use the empty diaper boxes to serve a useful purpose? Yes!

Let my house easily become less and less cluttered? Yes, Yes!

We have to make the best of this busy season of motherhood we are in.

Work smarter, not harder! Right?

But why use diaper boxes to declutter our homes? As moms with a toddler and baby, we are busy and sometimes decluttering is the last thing on our mind. Diaper boxes are something we steadily see so it is a reminder to go ahead and fill a box up with stuff we no longer need.

By the time our kids are out of diapers, our homes should be good and decluttered. Can you even imagine?? May sound crazy but crazy can be good.

So what do we do?

Buy a box of diapers

Well if you are reading this I will assume you already do this. Over and over again. If you don’t buy diapers by the box use a different box that regularly comes through your home.

Once the diaper box is empty

Take the empty diaper box and set aside thirty minutes while your kids are distracted or after bedtime to declutter your home.

Fill the box

With what though? Anything and everything that needs to go. Unwanted clutter.

  • Baby clothes that are too small

  • Yours or your husband’s clothes

  • Kitchen items you no longer need or use

  • Old magazines

  • TOYS – Yes those broken or no longer used toys

  • Old makeup and beauty supplies

Just fill the box up!

Donate, sell, or trash the box

You can donate the stuff to someone in need, sell your stuff in a garage sale or even online or trash the box. Are you breathing better yet? There is something so satisfying about decluttering your home.

Simple And Easy Decluttering

Decluttering can be overwhelming. Simplify your life by taking a box, filling it up and getting rid of it.

With decluttering your home with the diaper box challenge you just have to worry about one box at a time. It may seem small but when you do this every time you get an empty box you will eventually be able to see a big difference.

Why is this so exciting? Because you can make decluttering easy with this challenge. Plus making actual time to declutter is no fun.

Give it a try moms! Next time you have an empty diaper box use it to fill with unneeded house items.

What are ways you simply get your home clutter free?

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Author: Elizabeth Hill

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