How Moms Can Create A Less Stressful Morning

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When you wake up in the morning do you feel rushed and stressed instantly? I feel like sometimes people think that we stay-at-home moms get to lay around all day and do as we please. Even though I stay in my sleep clothes and don’t get to brush my teeth until noon sometimes we both know this is not true.

I use to wake up in the mornings half awake trying to get so many things done while also tending to my children. I hated mornings. They were no fun and that made me start my day the wrong way.

I then realized that there are certain things that I do not want to do or see in the morning. They were my stress triggers.

If I wake up with dishes in the sink, rushing to pick out my kid’s clothes for a nine o’clock doctors appointment and the laundry was still laying around I would be so stressed out. Mornings were not for me.

Then I realized there are things I can get done at night to make sure I have a better morning. And SURPRISE… It worked.

What you do at night can set you up to have a less stressful morning.

First, figure out your stress triggers. Realizing what triggers your stress in the mornings is a good way to know what you need to get done the night before.

For me, a big one is dirty dishes in the sink. Having dirty dishes in the sink makes my day feel like I started on the wrong foot.

So what do I make sure to do every night? Load the dishwasher so I can have a clean sink.

When you figure what triggers your own stresses in your home you are then able to make sure you complete these tasks. Or if you are not able to do them the night before you at least know why you feel the way you do when the morning comes.

Once you realize what your stress triggers are you can take the time and write them down. Go through your list and see what you can actually get done at night. Some things on your list you may not be able to get done the night before.

Then take the time each night and get your tasks done. Block out thirty minutes (or however long it takes) and get it done.

I know as moms we love our alone time at night once the kids have gone to bed. But if getting these tasks done at night saves your sanity in the morning then it is more than worth it.

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What I make sure to get done at night

Make sure my Keurig has water

I can’t stand to walk into the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee and the Keurig needs to be refilled. Is it really that big of a deal to fill it up with water in the morning? Nah, but I know when it’s early in the morning I don’t want to do it so I make sure I do it at night. When I am more awake.

Pick up around the house

I do a quick pick up of any random toys, blankets, food my kid may have thrown on the floor. Not that everything is perfectly clean but I like to start the day with a fresh start. Not having clothes, toys, and mess everywhere.

Doing the dishes

Like I said before I do not love waking up to dishes in the sink. This is a big stress trigger for me. The night before I will make sure I have emptied the dishwasher and refilled it with any dirty dishes.

Fold laundry

If I have been doing laundry throughout the day but get too busy with something else and don’t get it all folded I try to make sure and get that done before going to bed. This way I am not adding tasks to the next day.

Pick my kids clothes out

When we have to go somewhere I go ahead and get the kid’s clothes picked out the night before. Why? Because I am usually always late and rushing so this takes the work out of trying to figure out what they will wear when we are in a hurry.

Take a bath

I do not have the time to take a bath during the day – most days. So I always make sure to get a bath at night after the kids have gone to bed. I know once my kids get a little older this may change but for right now it works best for me.

Fill my water bottle

In the mornings before my coffee, I drink 32oz of water. I don’t want to have to get out of bed and fill my bottle so I go ahead and do it the night before and have it by my bedside. If you’re coffee obsessed this is a great motivation to get your water in!

Write a to-do list for the next day

Notebooks and planners are my favorites! I stay writing lists and writing in my planner. Writing a to-do list helps me to remember what we have going on and what I need to accomplish. With two kids under two, it is so easy for me to forget everything I need to do for the day.

Create A Less Stressful Morning

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Setting yourself up for a great morning by what you do at night is worth it.

Figure out your stress triggers and write a list of what you can get done at night. Then block out that time to get it done.

Find a thirty-minute podcast to listen to or set a thirty-minute timer to quickly do anything you need to. Do your tasks undisturbed and call it a day.

You may even sleep better knowing these things are done and you do not have to worry about them in the morning.

How do you set yourself up to have a better morning?

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Author: Elizabeth Hill

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