Simply Declutter Your Home

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Does the thought of decluttering your home overwhelm you? Not knowing where to start or even wanting to deal with the mess of decluttering.

I feel like some people are naturals at decluttering. For me, overwhelm comes naturally when I try to start cleaning out the clutter.

On top of the overwhelm of decluttering I also hate getting rid of things. I always think about when I could possibly use whatever item it may be, down the road from now.

But having clutter in my home is also overwhelming. It causes me anxiety. It took me awhile to realize that the stuff in my house I thought I needed was actually causing me this anxiety.

Changing my mindset is what I had to do. Going from ‘I might need this one day’ to ‘this is taking up unnecessary space in my home’.

When I finally decided to start decluttering my home it was hard. But when I got done decluttering an area of my home I felt so much better. It was almost like I could breathe better.

This extra stress was lifted off my shoulder by getting rid of unneeded items in my home.

In no way am I a ‘decluttering expert’ but it is my goal to have a home clutter free. Only have things in my home that serve a purpose.

Being that I am easily overwhelmed by large tasks I had to come up with a plan that actually works for me.

To declutter my home I had to break down the tasks simply.

So I printed out a blank calendar and started jotting down in the squares the tasks in my home I wanted to complete. Small doable tasks each day.

Junk drawer

Kids Toys



These are the task I first wrote down. Everyone has different goals of what they want to declutter in their home. You may want to break down each task even smaller or add more to a day. It is about what works for you and your home.

Since I am a stay at home mom I am around the house most days so these tasks work for me. If you are gone during the day your task may be something as small as throwing out old makeup or magazines.

But no matter how small your task is know they do add up and you will see the difference in the long run. Just make sure you are consistent.

If you have a certain day of the week that you are busier than the other then mark it for your easier tasks. This way you will not be tempted to skip out on decluttering. You can make your tasks as simple as going through a certain drawer to throw out or donate unnecessary things you may have.

Also, I mark the weekends out just in case we will be busy or there were certain tasks for the week I did not complete. It allows me to catch up. Or just for giving yourself a break from decluttering.

By doing these small tasks daily I never feel the overwhelm of having to get the job done. And it helps to think about where my house will be in a month or even six months down the road if I stay consistent.

I hope this challenge is a simple and easy way to declutter your home!

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What helped me

Make your daily tasks as small as you need

If you have been wanting to clean out your closet but just don’t have the time to get it done then break it down for the entire week. It is hard for me to get rid of clothes so I had to break it down. Every couple of months I will go through my clothes to get rid of the things I no longer wear.

Day 1 – Focus on jeans you can get rid of

Day 2 – Shirts you know you will never wear

Day 3 – Dresses

Day 4 – Throw out old hangers

Day 5 – Go through shoes you no longer wear

Have designated trash bags ready

You can have one for trash, one to sell and one to donate. However, you want to do it. You can donate all of your stuff or have a garage sale. Just label your bags.

Start on one side of the house

Work your way to the other side. Or make a list of which rooms in the order you would like to have these tasks complete. Start with the easiest or start with the ones you have been dreading to do. This is about finding what works best for your home.

Hang your calendar on the fridge

Or somewhere where you will see it every day. Have a marker to mark the days off you complete. Or get cheap stickers and place stickers on the days completed. When you see every day that you are getting days completed it will make you feel great knowing you are accomplishing these tasks. Actually seeing the calendar and marked out tasks helped me on the days I wanted to skip getting it done.

The days you have more time

and want to knock other days out… Do It! It can be a task that isn’t for another two weeks. Skip around if you need to. Just have that big red marker ready to mark the task you accomplished out.

Go as slow as you need to

Life throws curve balls at you. Kids get sick. You get sick. Unexpected things happen. Just be consistent with it. Even if it takes you six months to complete you will be glad you got it done. Instead of making huge goals to declutter and 6 months later nothing is done at all because it was too overwhelming.

Simply Declutter Your Home

As mothers, we juggle a lot

Even with only doing small tasks a day, as a busy mom, it is nice to actually complete these tasks.

Think about where you will be in six months from now if you go ahead and start making it a priority to do one small task a day.

It is satisfying to see your home become decluttered. You don’t look at the areas of your home that were cluttered and feel an overwhelm of anxiety. And you are also more mindful when it comes to buying new things for your home.

Have a blank calendar and start a game plan to simply get the job done.

What helps you get the decluttering done around your home?

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