Simply clean your home: Easy 5-Day Cleaning Schedule

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 Do you ever not know where to start when it comes to cleaning your home? I will have to sit there and think should I clean the bathrooms today? Or deep clean the kitchen? Or both?

Then I do neither because there’s laundry to do and that is just a long list to knock out.

Plus with being busy with two kids all day. I will end up going in circles with cleaning the house. Doing a little bit of everything and not really getting a certain area complete.

Or do nothing at all (it seems) because my long list is overwhelming.

Mom life. But personally, I don’t have the time to deep clean the whole house in one morning or every Saturday. Not for the busy season of life, I am in.

Maybe I could deep clean the whole house in one day but I would be stopping a lot to tend to my toddler and baby. Which in return would have me distracted. And it would not get done.

Getting housework done this way does not work for me. A day of nonstop cleaning would be nice but it is not practical for me right now.

To make sure I get the deep cleaning done I had to come up with a simple and easy 5-day cleaning schedule.

A schedule that actually works for me. The stay-at-home mom who is easily overwhelmed.

I separated different parts of the house into 5 days; bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and laundry.

Pair your housework with the day of the week that works best for your schedule. Put your easier tasks on the day of the week that you are usually out of the house and running errands.

Trash day is on Friday so I like to deep clean my kitchen on Thursdays which includes throwing out any food in the fridge that is bad.

With having a designated day to clean each area of the house it takes the guesswork out and I am able to knock it out in thirty minutes. Especially since each area of my home is taken care of weekly.

Of course, this does not mean I only clean that part of the house on these days. There will always be things done daily. Like cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry.

But this gives me a designated day to take thirty minutes (or however long) and actually focus on that area of my house.

This can be done before the kids wake up in the morning, during nap time or at night after they have gone to sleep. Also, having my favorite podcast or music playing makes it more enjoyable.

With this cleaning schedule, I am not having to wonder every day if the toilets have been cleaned in the last month or if I should actually take the time to clean the bedrooms that day.

Here is what my cleaning schedule for the week looks like.

Simple and easy 5-Day Cleaning schedule


Bathrooms on Monday

I chose to do bathrooms on Monday. The weekend is over and maybe you had people over at your house. The family has been in and out of them all weekend even more than normal. It’s Monday knock it out! Cleaning bathrooms is a task I like to do when the kids are napping or sleeping. Scrubbing a toilet is not something you want to stop and start a million times.

Bedrooms on Tuesday

On Tuesday’s I do the bedrooms. Empty the trash, clean the floors, hang any clothes and put away any out of place items. Whatever needs to be done. Make sure anything out of place in the kid’s rooms gets put back where it belongs. Change the sheets in the guest bedroom if you have a guest coming to stay.

Living Room on Wednesday

On Wednesday I clean the living room. Vacuum, sweep or mop – whatever needs to be done! Pick up any mess, dust (if people still even do that – only kidding.. maybe), and get everything back where it goes. Wipe the boogers and toddler snacks that are crusted into the couch.

Kitchen on Thursday

On Thursday’s I do deep clean the kitchen because it is the day before trash day. I throw out any leftovers in the fridge. Of course, I clean the kitchen every day (usually) after I cook but a day set aside for extra cleaning helps. Throw out any outdated items in the fridge or pantry. Put back anything out of place in the kitchen and wipe down the counters. Sweep and Swiffer the floor. Clean and sanitize the sink. Wipe down the appliances. Just whatever needs to be done.

Laundry on Friday

On Friday’s I designate the day to laundry. I go ahead and knock out any laundry that needs to be done. This way when Saturday and Sunday come I don’t have to focus all my time on getting laundry done before Monday comes. When the week starts I may have a little bit of laundry to do but not the whole house.

Of course, laundry is done as needed but having a designated day helps out.

Simply Clean Your Home

Find what works for you

A simple and easy 5-day cleaning schedule really helps with keeping a (semi) clean home.

Having a schedule that breaks it down into bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and laundry helps me to not get overwhelmed.

There will be days when you miss out on what needs to be cleaned. But being consistent the prior weeks helps for the days you absolutely can not get your cleaning for the day done. You will also notice your cleaning is easier because you do not have to spend an hour or two deep cleaning the bathrooms or kitchen.

Find what works for you. Ask yourself which household chores you need to accomplish in a week and break it down into different days.

Dedicate time each day and knock it out. 

How do you simplify your household cleaning?

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